Faculty and Staff

Shun'ichi Miyakoshi

Ph.D., University of Tsukuba

Professor of Biology, Dean of Advanced Engineering Course

Research Interests: Applied microbiology; applied biochemistry; biology.

Yasuhito Kaminaga

Ph.D., Kyoto University

Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Mathematical physics; quantum field theory; general relativity.

Hisashi Usui

Ph.D., Rikkyo University

Professor of Mathematics, Vice President (Dean of Academic Affairs)

Research Interests: Algebraic geometry; Mordell-Weil lattices; elliptic curves.

Tadashi Taniguchi

Ph.D., Keio University

Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Differential geometry; supersymmetric Yang-Mills instanton; noncommutative super twister.

Kazuhide Tsuji

Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professor of Chemistry, Chair of GNCT School of Science

Research Interests: Physical chemistry; molecular spectroscopy; computational chemistry.

Hideaki Ujino

Ph.D., University of Tokyo

Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Integrable systems; orthonormal polynomials in several variables; Rodrigues formula.

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