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April 5, 2021 I gave an online talk at CKVK Seminar.

March 24, 2021 I gave an online talk at The 27th Osaka City University International Academic Symposium "Mathematical Science of Visualization, and Deepening of Symmetry and Moduli".

January 9-10, 2021 We held 研究集会「Hurwitz action online ~フルビッツ作用とその周辺~」 .

「結び目理論とゲームー領域選択ゲームでみる数学の世界ー」 (河内明夫・岸本健吾・清水理佳 著)が朝倉書店から発売中です!

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Research Interests:
Warping Degree, Knot Theory, Low-dimensional Topology
(ひずみ度, 結び目理論, 低次元トポロジー)

National Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
(国立高専機構 本部事務局 准教授 / 国際参事補 )

KOSEN-KMITL, Visiting Professor
(タイ高専 KOSEN-KMITL 客員教授 )

E-mail address:
a-shimizu (add @kosen-k.go.jp)
shimizu1984 (add @gmail.com)